PIX 2015

Olympus C-720 UZ

Announced May 8, 2002 •
3 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 40 – 320 mm (8×)

Had this camera for about 1 1/2 years and must say that it was probably a poor choice on my part in the end. And my advice to anybody looking at this camera is to AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS. PROS: Good outdoor shots in good light Zoom works well Possible to get action shots IF you prepare for it. CONS: Very slow to focus, sometimes as long as 2 - 3 seconds makes it impossib;e to get that spur of the moment shot. Poor indoor and low light shots Lack of printed instruction manual Loose lens. String ...

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It takes wonderful pictures outdoor. This is an outdoor ONLY camera period. You can read the manual all you want still not produce quality indoor pictures. I also have an Olympus D-460 that takes good indoor and outdoor pictures. I feel the C-720 is just a poor/bad designed camera that Olympus should never have produced, since it has only ruined a great reputation. My next camera will not be an Olympus, since any company that produce such a poor indoor camera has fallen off the quality wagon. ...

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cathies closet

Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Majority of pictures have come out blurry, especially in using the telephoto zoom. Bad indoor shots too. I tried all different ways with the manual at my side; after I had to print it off of the CD Rom of course. Very over priced. A very aggravating camera to say the least. A lot of things about it bugged me in trying to capture just one shot that I actually wanted to keep. Pictures just never were sharp enough. I will stick with a Sony Mavica 350CD, which has ...

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I bought this camera mostly to take sports shots. Forget it if it is at night under bright lights or in a gym. It is nothing but distorted blurs. In daylight it works great. I've got wonderful football shots in that specific setting. How disappointing not to be able to use it in any other setting though. Even in my home I get waaaaaaaay too many distorted shots. Olympus is useless as far as help goes. With perfect conditions and a little luck I have been able to print up amazing crystal ...

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Chris A.

I purchased this camera just before the hollidays. Unfortunatly the store I bought it from has a no return policy for digital cameras. A bone head maneuver on my part... buying from Office Max. Anyway, I don't care for this camera. Look for it soon on eBay! Actualy the store manager allowed me to exchange it for another camera. The auto focus is a throwback to the first Minolta AF SLR's...finicky and slow. There were certain focal lengths where I couldn't even get it to focus. Forget low ...

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the boss

Bad camera, do not buy. I have it now since 3 months, thought I would find solutitions, but seems to be design-related. 1. Doesn't focuss very well, often on out-of-centre point. 2. When not enough light, very blurry blue images (and it needs A LOT of light..!) 3. Weak flash (see 2) 4. VERY SLOW autofocuss. A crawling babay is out of the picture before the focuss has set itself correctly (!) 5. buttons for light correction wrongly placed. Are pushed often by accident. I am very dissapointed ...

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To be succinct, I hate this camera! I've had it for about 10 days and I'm taking it back. I've been using 2 digital cameras at work for over 4 years and have had good experiences, albeit with limitations of the technology. So, now I bought this camera for my personal use and have only gotten a maximum of 1/4 of the shots I take to be usable at all. Most images are very blurry, if I catch the subject at all. The camera has a 1 to 2.5 second delay between pressing the button and the shuter ...

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Jason Walker

I did a lot of research, and even tried the display model of this camera at BestBuy. But once I got a new one home, I was not satisfied at all. Photos taken out doors came out well, but pics inside came out terrible. With or without the flash, it was pretty much the same in any indoor shots. I also was not happy with the automatic focus on my particular Olympus camera. I ended up taking it back and getting the Sony P71. It doesn't have 8x zoom like the Olympus, but to be honest, the 3x zoom ...

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My first digital camera was the 700-uz. I was very impressed with the camera. It dropped. I bought a 2100, and never found the sharpness and consistency I had with my 700. I then bought a 720. It is on Ebay because of terrible white balance and horrific auto-focusing. Every once in a while, it all works out and the image is stunning. But that is a mere 33% of the time. The camera is terrible. This is probably why Oly is putting out a 700 replacement in the 730, which I will buy as soon as it ...

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Don't buy this camera unless you will be satisfied with a basic "point and shoot" camera. I was looking to replace my Olympus C2100 with a higher pixel camera with at least a 6x zoom. Being very satisfied with the C2100 I gave the 720 a chance expecting the same high quality of camera the C2100 is. Boy was I wrong. The lens tube rattles (which can't be good), the camera is too small to use the buttons with any efficiency, and the quality of the pictures is very poor for a 3mp camera. ...

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