Nikon 1 V1

Announced Sep 21, 2011 •
10 megapixels | 3 screen | 1″ sensor
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Hello, my debut in the forum on dpreview, though I've read the site for years - any tips and advice on two issues I'm having with my Pixma Pro-100 printer would be really appreciated. 1. I'm trying to print a greetings card design onto pre-creased card stock on my Pro-100 but the alignment is off.The design is printing off the card (unlike the pdf created in Illustrator) and is too high.2. The second problem is colour matching. I'm trying to match the colours at home using the Pro-100 to a...
By: Tasslehoff (3 weeks ago)
Hi, I am thinking about buying the Nikon 70-300 CX for my V1. I would use it for mountain hikes and holidays with the children. Is someone here using the 70-300 CX with the V1? How good is AF with the V1? I have the 6.7-13, the 10-30, the 30-110 and the 18.5 and the 70-300 would be a nice addition for chamois or birds when hiking in the mountains / making holidays with the kids. Is the image quality of the 70-300 comparable to the 30-110 at the long end? Thanks,  Michael
I bought a K50 a few weeks ago. Nice camera, but the battery needs recharging for a second time after only 150 shots. Can't remember how many it managed the first time, about 50 perhaps, but I did spend a lot of time going through menus, setting things up and so on to start with. Having to charge it the first time did surprise me because I would have expected more from the battery on my Canon SX50, but maybe I spent so long playing with the settings..... Anyway, this is how it has been...
By: Raafje (1 month ago)
I have a Nikon V1 that I recently updated to firmware 1.40. Now I want to buy a new Ft 1 adapter to use my Nikon Afs 300 mm f4 D. Will this combo work without getting problems with the firmware on the Ft1? I searched the forum but I'm not sure. Another question is how theresults are with continuous autofocus?ThanksRaafje
Hi there, my 1st post in this section of the forum...I tend to "lurk" for the most part, but try to be active now an again! Ive just got a V1/FT1 and J1 recently, so was wondering what to expect in regards to image quality for close up/macro photography. My subjects being Butterflies/Reptiles/Dragonflies/Bugs etc. I have a D700, and both the nikon macro/micro 105mm VR lens, an also a Sigma 150mm F/2.8 APO DG macro lens too. But to be honest, most of my close up/macro work is shot using a...
Hi everyone,  A couple of questions for Nikon V1 users with regard to external audio devices. I want to use Zoom h4n as an external stereo mic in a video shoot with a Nikon V1, and I understand that the sescom ln2mic-zoomh4n is not compatible with this particular camera. Has anyone tried using a standard 3.5 mm male to male cable to connect the Zoom headphone output with the V1 mic input? If so, how did you adjust the V1 input level to the Zoom's line level? I understand that people like that...
By: ml6 (2 months ago)
I just bought an RX100M2 from amazon as a warehouse deal. It came with firmware V1.00. Is that how the camera currently ships?  I understand there is a V1.10 out since early this year. And another question: when I open the battery door it doesn't pop open. If I unlock the lid it opens just a little and I have to move it to almost 90 degrees until it snaps into a vertical position.  Is that normal for this camera or is the door bent?  There is nothing obvious I could see.  The door on my nex-6...
By: NoosaPete (2 months ago)
I am looking for a cheap, small camera to use when not carrying my Lumic FZ1000 around. I see on Ebay that the V1 is selling for around $150 with the 10-30 kit lens. This seems so cheap but is there a reason? Any thoughts? Peter
Can't find any information on whether there's a difference between these two versions, other than the external casing design. For Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 I and II there's a definite difference in resolution across the frame (apparently v1 is sharper at the edges) as well as contrast (higher in v.2 due to improved coating, perhaps). Was there a coating update for 14mm f/2.5 II? Seems like that update has gone by silently.
I understand that the A7II's IBIS is supposed to enhance Sony FE lenses' OSS. There are lens profiles in A7II to enable the interaction. However, there is no mention of Batis lens profiles for A7II. Does anyone know how the interaction is supposed to work in this situation? I was hoping that the V2 FW would include the Batis lenses. In V1.2 FW, Sony added support for a few Sony FE lenses. I tested FE90 F2.8 and it seemed to work well. --"Keep calm and take photos"Photography enthusiast, from...
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