Nikon D3S

Announced Oct 14, 2009 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | Full frame sensor

I had the privilege to work with this camera in 2011 and 2012, also made some of my best shots with it. Consistent, reliable performer. AF sharp, always on spot, no matter the circumstances I have worked in, and with the great high ISO sensitivity performance, it just never got to dark. :-D Ergonomically great, except for the vertical grip AF-ON button - as I was shooting in landscape, especially wearing gloves and bulky jackets in winter, I accidentally pressed the AF-ON button on vertical ...

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The camera gets a 6 at the highest. Good points - The High ISO is awesome. The camera, at the high end of Nikon's professional cameras does not meet even an advanced consumer's needs, let alone a professional. Obviously Nikon has paid for the glowing reviews. Granted, the camera has an exceptional ISO range. Continuous shots a 9-11 fps is great It provides very quick auto focus when it works. video is OK - But you cannot change Zoom during Videoing. I would suggest this camera only for ...

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This camera is my go-to workhorse. It has the focusing system and speed to shoot sports, and the low-light capability is simply unsurpased. It does everything I need a camera to do, and does it remarkably well. I've owned it for almost a year, and the only drawback is that is a bit heavy, especially if you shoot with it all day. I bought a mint D700 a few months ago, but find myself going back time after time to the D3s. I shoot magazine covers with it, and the 12 meg file provides more than ...

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Carl 107

Wonderful, amazing and stunning are all words I would use to describe this camera. ISO performance not only lives up to the hype, it truly is amazing to experience first hand. I didn't think I was interested in getting into the world of high-ISO cameras, but it's sure a welcome addition and one that completely opens up new possibilities. This camera is every bit better than my D2H, other than it not being a LBCAST sensor, which I adored. I expect I can keep this one around longer than my D2H ...

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Having owned quite a few Nikon dSLRs, from D1H to the D3, I am delighted with the D3s. It improves on the D3 in so many areas, and having already been blown away by the high ISO performance of the original D3, the D3s is just staggering in its ability. Added to which is the usual granite-like build quality. A superb camera - just make sure you use it with proper professional glass. Problems: My Mac (Snow Leopard, with latest update)has difficulty seeing the camera, either directly or via ...

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Gaspar Dominguez

Magnífica cámara. Sólida construcción, manejo intuitivo, visor excelente, velocidad increíble... Pero, como era de esperar, lo más asombroso es que nos abre una puerta para disfrutar de la alta sensibilidad con la que soñaba desde que usaba Kodak Vericolor. En combinación con el 14/24, siento que tengo en mis manos la herramienta ideal. Problems: Con 18 megas sería la cámara perfecta. Tengo que pasar por caja de nuevo para comprar un software que me permita trabajar mis fotografías? Por qué ...

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Paul Rapanault

I have had the D3s for about two weeks now and it is everything I expected and more. The high ISO image is spectacular and better than I thought it would be. The overall build is solid. The weight is very manageable even with a beefier lens. Very pleased with the purchase. If you are coming from another Nikon, this gear will be an easy upgrade to pick up. Problems: None.

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