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Nikon AF Nikkor 70-300mm f/4-5.6G

Announced Aug 29, 2000 •
Telephoto zoom lens | Nikon F (FX)

Let me start by saying that this lens was a great lens to start with. It gives great images, and is useful for zooming in up close to far away subjects, and it allows you to get away with some portrait work. That being said, the reason i rate this lens so low is because there are so many lenses now that can do this lens' job better. Without any autofocus (i understand that some of nikon's more recent dslrs rectify this problem) or vibration reduction, it is next to impossible to do any ...

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Bought at a local Anchorage Alaska camera shop while on trip across Alaska as needed more reach. Lens has a good iq, it is slow, does hunt and is very light as is virtually all plastic. As with much of my equipt I get better images as I learn the ins and outs of each piece of my kit. Used with a kenko tc1.7 and was able to auto focus with my D300. Now using occasionally with my D600 and has produced some excellent images recently (guess I'm getting better). In retrospect might have been ...

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The older reviews do not highlight clearly that this lens does not autoficus on the D5x00 and D3x00 since it has no internal autofocus motor. It's OK lens for good light conditions, but colors are not very bright and scharpness is so so in the corners at larger apertures, and also at high zoom range. Problems: No specific problems

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Asokan Arul

I got this lens as an option for my Nikon D5100 for a very cheap price of less than 7000 INR ($130 US). This lens works very good and is probably the best inexpensive addition to the 18-55 kit lens for any beginner for it's long range and very low price. It is very light weight (around 450g) when compared to the other telephoto lenses. At 200-300mm range and large apertures, it produces softer photos which look very appealing for portraits but might not be useful for producing sharp images. T ...

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I got this lens as a kit lens with my D5100 (along with Nikon DX 18-55 VR lens). I was (infact I'm) happy with D5100 and the 18-55 but this 70-300 truly disappointed me. This lens has no auto-focus and for the focal length range (300mm) - absence of VR makes it more difficult to handle. I tried to get rid of the VR issue at highest focal length (even I tried at lower focal lengths) by using a tripod & remote but then many times the subject was out of focus. This lens is bit heavy (more than ...

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