PIX 2015

Nikon Coolpix S800c

Announced Aug 22, 2012 •
16 megapixels | 3.5 screen | 25 – 250 mm (10×)

As a photographer, I was very sceptical of the actual usefulness of this camera, and was ready to write it off as just another gadget. I purchased it because my wife wanted a camera that took better pictures than her iPhone, but was easer to use than my DSLRs. The other requirement was that it had to fit in her purse. This camera doesn't disappoint. Any smartphone user will figure it out in seconds. The UI is very intuitive. It has very little control of camera functions, but points and ...

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Disclaimer: I purchased this at my job to fill a particular niche in a project, not so much to use as a camera. We were more interested in its Android capabilities. Pros: Optics seem pretty sharp, and image quality pretty good. Shooting is plenty fast for a point & shoot. It comes with 2 GB of onboard memory as well as an SD card slot, which is nice. Android is pretty standard Android 2.3. I was able to develop on it, though it's harder when no ADB driver seems to be available yet. Cons: The ...

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