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Nikon Coolpix S620

Announced Feb 3, 2009 •
12 megapixels | 2.7 screen | 28 – 112 mm (4×)

Don't buy this camera if you plan on using flash. See "Problems encountered" below. I bought this for my wife last summer as a tiny carry-everywhere camera. However she never uses the camera because of the severity of the flash problem. I use DSLRs so I wasn't expecting the IQ to be very good on the tiny S620, but it is definitely better than I was expecting. The noise is less than I expected (but of course it's still a lot worse than any large-sensor camera / DSLR). The colours are ...

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To add to this review, I dropped that camera at Disney, The best thing that could have happen to it. It will be a while before I try another Nikon PS. But the D90 is still going strong and it was a great buy... Well I picked this camera because I have had a number of sony's and all have lasted less then two years, BUT the image quality has been very good for a piont and shoot. My last nikon P&S was the coolpix 950, and my guess because the number of the camera goes down so does the image. Fir ...

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Abe Tong

after five Canon SD ponit & shoot cameras, I decided to give Nikon a try. I didn't have too much expectations to begin with so not a much of disappointment per se. S620 has good combination of features, lens, size, and price point. It is ok for very casual shootings such as travel. There are several short comings that users should be aware: (1) this is a VERY slow camera --- start up, focusing, and image processing. At times I couldn't use it at all because of the waiting. The ...

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I will bring this camera back to the store. I bought it to replace a stolen SD870/Ixus 860, but it can't match regarding colour. The colour quality of the S620 is disappointing, and in my opinion the colour quality of skin unacceptable. I used a Coolpix 3200 (3 mega pixels, my son has it now) which has, hands down, better image quality. Sometime more mega pixels is worse! Pros: The controls and menus are good, e.g. always direct control over exposure compensation. Start up time is very, very ...

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This cam takes really sharp pics for a nikon point and shoot. For once it actually beats a canon ixus in terms of image quality. The wide angle has quite decent control on the distortions. i'm impressed as compared even to a DSLR. Problems: nothing fancy in the reviewing of photos unlike the newer canon ixus which has a built-in fade mode transition when scrolling through the photos taken.

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I wanted a compact digital as I found I wasn't using my Olympus 7070 as much as I should. So much easier to have a little P&S in your pocket than have a larger camera slung around your neck. Secondly, I plan on taking the camera on an extended vacation, so it had to be small. A Wide-Angle was a must, as was some degree of control over the camera, specifically ISO, White Balance & Exposure Compensation. Chose the S620 as it has the features I wanted at a good price point. Checked out the Fuji ...

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