PIX 2015

Nikon Coolpix S52

Announced Apr 10, 2008 •
9 megapixels | 3 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

I have had Nikon's first internal telescoping ultracompact camera (S1) for the last three years - I have found it almost bulletproof and I need a small rugged internal telescoping type of camera for many outdoor activities, as it is lightweight, very small and has no moving external parts. I took the S1 it on several long backpacking trips all over the world, scuba diving (with underwater case), whitewater rafting, kayaking, camping, etc. I even dropped it once, fully submerged with no case ...

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The S52 is a nice small pocket camera; that is slightly thicker than other models, but most user would still refer to this as a very nice pocket camera. The Biggest factor that blew me away with this camera is its low light ability. This little camera is a dream inside, and even rivals my DSLR at low light indoor photos. The little flash does a excellent job at opening up when needed. Menu lay is much different than I am use to, but for the most part is is easy to learn. Face dection seems to ...

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