PIX 2015

Nikon Coolpix P5000

Announced Feb 20, 2007 •
10 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 36 – 126 mm (3.5×)

The image quality on this camera is excellent, and I can barely tell the difference between it and my wife's D50 with an expensive lens. However, and this is deal breaker for me, it is so small and uncomfortable for my large (but not huge) hands, that the first couple of times i used it, my fingers literally cramped up trying to hold it. Besides, I always seem to get my finger in the way of the viewfinder or something else. Plus, the "continuous" mode is very slow in my opinion. In other ...

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I normally use a D200 or D2x when working, however, this is the camera I use when I am taking photographs as a tourist or just having fun. It is small enough for my pocket and still has all the features I have grown accustom to as a photjournalist. I've had the camera for a few weeks and have no major complaints. The images are clean and crisp when the settings are set properly and the automatic settings produce great images as well. I have actually turned in some of the images I captured ...

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A great camera for anyone who needs something reasonably compact with good handling, but doesn't require a long zoom. Image noise is well controlled, shutter lag is minimal, flash range is good for a compact, and manual control is very flexible. Problems: Burst mode is slow, resolution selection jumps from 5mp to 10mp with no option in between, focussing is a bit slow and I would prefer a bit more zoom at the wide end.

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Wee Kenny

I have always been a Nikon user having owned F90x film, D70 and now D200. I bought this latest Nikon camera as an upgrade to my 2yr old Coolpix 5200. I wanted the quality from my DSLRs, without the weight & bulk, for holidays/snaps etc. Very disappointed. Unacceptable level of noise in low light, picture & movie mode. My 5200 is far superior!! I expect every picture I take to be taken to the best of my ability. I can't afford the camera to let me down on quality. I returned the camera and am ...

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I purchased and like the camera but extreemly disappointed that they did not include Raw. I read a review/spec's somewhere that it did. My fault for not spending a few minutes at looking at Nikons specs. I think that after looking at the flexability of this camera I expected raw capability. I've always been a Nikon photographer. However, I feel Nikon may be losing its edge and and is just throwing one coolpix after another on the market in hopes of generating enough profit to stay ...

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I was looking forward to liking this camera. After 3 years with a little Canon point n' shoot I wanted to get something that took photos just as well but smaller body and more manual control. Outside shots came out fine with blue skies and plenty of sun, but inside shots were very disappointing. I played around with all the settings trying to give the camera a chance (blaming the user not the camera), but I'm afraid I couldn't get anything to look good. Lots of noise. LOTS of noise. Light ...

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Bought the camera in preparation for a trip overseas as soon as it became available on the market. I knew I wasn't going to get dslr quality images and therefore lowered my expectations. The camera feels like a real cameras, the body has some heft to it and feels solid..not like some other cameras out there...the image stabilization is dead on target, rock solid. the menu is easy to use, you don't even need to look at the user's manual. I spent the last 6 days testing it, using it the same ...

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