Nikon Coolpix P340

Announced Feb 7, 2014 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 24 – 120 mm (5×)

This camera is better than the Canon S95 and the S120. I replaced my S95 with an S120 but returned it due to a battery problem when using video. I decided to try the Nikon P340 and I'm extremely impressed with this camera especially that it's $100 cheaper than the Canon S120. In my opinion after using the two camera's the Nikon delivers superior image quality. The sharpness, clarity, colors and the exposure of its photos(JPEG- I rarely shoot raw) is superior to the Canon S120. I also prefer ...

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I have been looking for a quality pocket camera that would be convenient to carry. I like the build and size of this camera. I also like the buttons which I prefer to any touch controls. I find this camera has most everything I need in a pocket camera. I very much like the zoom range and decent lens speed if not exceptional. I have 1 large complaint about a camera at this price which is the lace of a AE lock function button which I use regularly with my 4/3 camera. I did not see any ...

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