Nikon Coolpix A

Announced Mar 5, 2013 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 mm

Very good fixed lens camera with sharp corner to corner sharpness for the entire frame. This camera is the excelent compaignon for your landscapes pictures. The cam produce beautifull colors and an accurate WB. I use this cam in combination with a travelzoom (for ev.  zoom pictures). But most of the time I don't need zoom. The camera is pretty speedy (focus and shot-to-shot time) compared to other coolpixes I had in the past (P5100 and P330). And there are enought programmeble fn buttons to ...

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It seems like the Coolpix A was a spectacular failure for Nikon. Even though it's been discontinued for quite some time, it's still (as of August 2015) easy to find them new, in the silver version at least, for about a third of Nikon's original asking price. It was my quest for a high-quality carry-around camera, and the rock-bottom pricing, that lured me to the Coolpix A. I intended to give it its ten days (per my retailer's return policy) to see if I fell in love. And I did. It's pretty ...

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Overall great camera, very compact, easy to use, great IQ, ideal for social gatherings. I cmpared it to my Samsug NX3000 matched with a 16mm F/2.4 lens, the combo costs around $550 new. Image quality on both is basiclly the same, with the Coolpix A being slightly sharper with more pleasing colors out of the box. The Samsung has Wi-Fi, a better UI, and tilt-up screen. The main benefit ofthe Nikon is that it is much more compact, easy to carry and it is not intimidating to people, it looks ...

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I am quite taken by my (silver) Coolpix A. It's beautiful to the eye and in the hand. Its response and image quality are definitely above previous Coolpix cameras I've owned. Being small and light, and yet having core similarities to the D7000, the A seems capable of great images with little fuss. For me, this is the first camera giving results needing little or no correction for distortion, chromatic aberrations, color or exposure. The sharpness is surprising. Though raw files have a slight ...

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To put things in perspective, been shooting pure MF fall the years years because I could never get AF working for me. This camera forces me to use AF (electronic fake MF is less reliable than AF). This camera has excellent colour response. I salute to that. This one thing overcompensates all other shortcomings. To be fair, I still have to go through the shortcomings. The edge of the lens is REALLY blurry and this is REALLY field relevant once you start to notice it. (The high resolution ...

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The Coolpix 'A' is a very small APS-C camera that can be carried in a reinforced shirt pocket, but since it's not a user-accessible sensor for cleaning, keep it wrapped up before carrying in bags or pockets to prevent dust working its way in. I think most DSLR users as well as strictly compact camera users will get on with the settings, or figure them out from the manual quickly enough. It's nice to have the manual focus ring around the lens, but focusing with the monitor is impossible ...

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