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Established: 1917
Country: Japan
First digital camera: E2 / E2S, 1994
Another of the ‘big beasts’ in the photography jungle, Nikon was responsible for popularizing professional use of the 35mm SLR with the introduction of the Nikon F in 1959 and was, for many years, the default choice for working photographers. 50-plus years later, Nikon, along with arch-rival Canon, still dominates the digital SLR market, thanks to a range of cameras that encompasses the absolute beginner models (with cameras such as the best-selling D40 and its successors) and the high end professional workhorses (the D3X and D3S). In the compact camera arena Nikon’s COOLPIX range has foundered somewhat in recent years, though you’ll still find some standout models in the lineup.
In recent years Nikon has tended to concentrate on slim, stylish, simple to use models, though the latest COOLPIX generation also contains some enthusiast and superzoom cameras - and the only cameras with a built-in projector.
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Nikon offers a wide range of zooms, primes and specialist optics from 10mm to 600mm, with many designed for full frame coverage. Entry-level SLR bodies require lenses with built-in motors (AF-S and AF-I) for autofocus to operate.
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