Lexmark Printers

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Established: 1991
Country: USA
US website: www.lexmark.com
UK website: www.lexmark-europe.com
Lexmark was formed in 1991 after IBM divested its printing operations to an investment firm. Lexmark became a publicly traded company in 1995, and since then has become one of the biggest printer and printer accessories manufacturers in the world. As well as marketing a large range of commercial laser and inject printers designed for office use, Lexmark has also captured a large share of the consumer market, thanks in part to the extremely low cost of some of its basic desktop models. Although not as well-known among photographers as brands like Canon and Epson, Lexmark also produces a range of inexpensive multifunctional and dedicated thermal inkjet printers.
Lexmark's current range of consumer-oriented inkjet printers is dominated by multi-functional models, many of which feature built-in memory card readers and wireless technology.
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