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Minolta DiMAGE Xi

Announced Sep 22, 2002 •
3 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 37 – 111 mm (3×)

Bought this camera to replace an Olympus C2000 Z which was an excellent camera. However, even though the Oly C2000 is not considered to be a large camera, I still found myself occasionally leaving it behind because I didn't want to be bothered with it. You've heard it before, "the best camera in the world is no good in a drawer." And that is very true. I am very satisfied with the Minolta Xi. The pictures are as good if not better than the Oly and the menu is a lot friendlier to use. I am ...

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John Allswang

Portability is a delight. Very easy to use point-and-shoot out of the box. Manual is relatively complete and good. Menus are easy to use, offer considerable control of image resolution, etc. With 128 MB memory card, can hold lots of pictures, even at higher resolutions. The photos come out and print very well. I am overall delighted with my purchase--problems listed below are relatively minor. Problems: The delay between shutter-push and actual taking of photos is frustrating, especially with ...

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This is a great little camera, perfect size to take everywhere. It's extremely fast in both start-up and focusing. The images are surprisingly good. I just upgraded from the X and can see a definite improvement in the pictures. Minolta is one company that "hears" what their buyers want. The delete function on the X required about six button pushes...with the Xi is a quick two..Big Improvement! If you don't expect the camera to do more than it's capabilities, you won't be ...

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I upgraded from the Dimage X and hoped to gain better image quality. But actually the opposite was the case. The innvoative lenses can not serve the 3 Megapixels. Colors are just disappointing and often enough the pictures become blurry too. All of this is not true for fotos with daylight - but at night forget it. I am going back to the Dimage X. That is much better. Problems: Especially frustrating was the experience with the (European) Customer Service. They did not reply, found lots of ...

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Ian Crammond

I bought the Xi in December as a second camera to my 7 for light weight/small size/ease of use and have not so far been disapppointed. Handling is excellent and construction quality is good. Battery charge lasts well and recharging is fast (under an hour). The charger is light and small - so it is truly a good holiday camera provided you can accept images of fair quality. The camera handles very well once you learn not to put a finger over the lens (it's very small and there's no moulding to ...

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After using Minolta cameras for a long time (SRT101, 7000, and Dynax 7) I decided to buy a digital one. I have had the Dimage Xi about a month now, and experimented a lot with it. This is however my first digital camera, and I am therefore unable to make any comparisons between this one and other brands. I had read about the problems caused by the "folded optics" design, but I wanted a small Minolta so I bought one anyway. I must say that, for its size, the pictures are very nice. There is ...

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Johnz Taylor

I’m very pleased with it. I wanted a camera that was small and unobtrusive. People think the Xi is a simple point-and-shoot camera and not having an extending lens keeps them relaxed. Good news: all the settings now stay fixed when you switch off! Also, at 400 ISO great pictures. OK if you blow them up big you can see some noise but this isn’t apparent at a reasonable size Problems: I think many people’s problems at first will have been due to how they release the shutter ...

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Truly brilliant little camera.. The excellent choice for me - And I really don't think the pictures are bad, they look just fine to me... if only the subject is well-lit, they come out just fine! check Problems: None, but I was dissapointed that there was no manually adjustable shutter, and no specific macro-mode...

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Jeff Young

I purchased my Minolta DiMage Xi off the Internet from before Thanksgiving. Hotbuyselectronics operates a business in New York City and procures business from its website and from its EBay auctions. In fact I learned of Hotbuyselectronics by perusing one of its digital camera auctions on EBay. Because buyers' feedbacks were overwhelmingly positive, I felt confident enough to contact directly on the Internet and purchase a DiMage Xi. My ...

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Jeremy lau

Xi is a good DC for carry around with you when you don't want take your 7i, S602 or CP5700. The Xi are fast, easy to use, with it's compact size and light weight, this is the best in compact camera. Xi gives you a average photo quality, good and sharp for outdoor pic, and nice image in night shots Problems: hum, for HKD3400 = USD500, what can you ask for?????

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