PIX 2015

Minolta DiMAGE G400

Announced Oct 14, 2003 •
4 megapixels | 1.5 screen | 34 – 101 mm (3×)

Amazing image quality, but slow focus.... I compared the G400 with a Casio QV-R40 and a Sony S85. All are 4MP cameras. The image quality of the G400 is impressive, considering it fits in your shirt pocket. The startup time is quite fast. Performs well both indoors and outdoors. The flash ready to go by the time the image is written to memory. Problems: I specifically purchased this camera because Minolta claimed its hybrid autofocus technology would virtually eliminate shutter lag. ...

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The camera is well constucted. Slightly difficult ot open the clam up..but feels sturdy. It has a wide array of features and menu options...but what good is it if the camera blurs and doesn't focus well? The Camera was easy enough to use but the menus were a bit confusing. When you need support ... don't count on Minolta. I called their NJ location and was told that the camera is so new they did n't have much info on it and dirrected me to an 800 number. Their resone to email is a momputer ...

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I've had this camera for about a week. This is a really nice point and shoot camera. On paper, it's features are excellent. The size is impressive, and it is very fast. Upsides: Size. Speed. Image quality. Manual functions. Scene Modes. Continuous shot mode. Unlimited movie mode. Downsides: 1) Low light focus is not the best. However, you can switch to one of the scene modes which seems to improve the ability to focus lock. Alternatively, you can switch to a fixed focus range (some ...

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I've used several digital cameras over the past 5 years. My last camera was a Sony F707. I really love my Sony, but you just can't beat the size and speed of the Minolta G400. I was taking pictures 5 minutes out of the box, and was very impressed with the image quality. I went from 5mp to 4mp, and have not noticed a big difference. If you're the type that wants to print gorgeous 8x10s of your photos, then you should probably look for a bigger, higher priced camera. But if you want a ...

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Hi, as an absolutely fan of Nikons swivel joint cams (I possessed several models: CP900/990/4500), I bought the European model Konica KD-420Z 10 days ago and did not regret it. My focus was to buy a camera, which is easy enough to be handeled by my wife, small enough to take it with me whereever I go, fast enough to shoot sudden appearing objects, accompanied by a good image quality and coming up with a solid metal-constructed body. All these conditions mentioned are fulfilled. This little ...

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