PIX 2015

Minolta DiMAGE A1

Announced Aug 7, 2003 •
5 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 28 – 200 mm (7.1×)
Boat Nut

I've used this camera for 6 years, primarily for photographing kayakers and rowers racing on lakes and the ocean while pedaling a high speed pedal boat alongside. This camera has proven itself to be an excellent tool for the job, with its manual zoom being an important feature when used with an Ewa Marine diving bag to keep things dry. One needs only to push or pull on the lens to get the zoom to work - which is all you can do with such a waterproofing solution! Photos taken with this camera ...

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I have bought mine recently and obviously used, to have alongside my KM 7D and film Dynax 5L. At first I thought there was a problem with it as it was displaying some oblique vertical scanlines. As the hours passed, the lines disappeared. I did think this may have been one of the models affected by Sony's CCD recall but since the lines were gone and haven't come back yet, I guess all is well. I believe the camera was probably not switched on for quite a long time. Well what can I say about ...

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I now have a Canon 30D and I long to have my Minolta Dimage A1 back. It has the most versatile lens I have used and the anti-shake gives you the clearest pictures even on extreme telephoto and blown up. It was incredibly easy to use and the ability to swivel the viewfinder was fantastic for macro photography of flowers and fungi. I won several awards and have had my photos published in the local scientific-based magazine. Problems: If I had any criticisms it was that the rubber eyepiece on ...

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Have been using this camera (my first digital camera purchase) for 2 years and have been enjoying the results. It took me some time to become familiar with the many features available. I even attended a short professionally conducted course on the use of digital cameras to explore and encourage my use of the many on board features to best advantage. I bought the camera because I believed it would provide good quality fixed lens prosumer coverage for landscape and architectural subjects. This ...

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I sold my Olympus C-5060WZ camera and bought this one. I did it mainly for its limited range and having a motor zoom that I couldn't stand. In fact I hate the idea, don't know why camera makers insist on motor zooms! This camera feels right in hand and is a joy to use, with outstanding features like anti-shake, manual zooming, and very useful range (28mm-200mm). The camera body has so many dials and buttons that there is almost no need to go through the menu to change settings, I really love ...

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TCON-17 Problems: I have a A1.. very very impressive cam as it was suppose to be manuf by minolta. One simples question.. i just bought TCON-17 by Olympus but i need a ring to connect it........ What and where should i buy it.. compatible i mean. Thanks,

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I'm delighted with my A1. I bought it in August 04, and I'm beginning to use it more and more instead of my Nikon F65. It takes time to learn how to tweak it to get best results, but once you learn how to use the camera, it gives great results. The lens is sharp and the battery life is excellent. 18x13cm prints look great. Problems: Erratic exposure when using the built in flash. I need to bring the exposure down (using the exposure compensation) when using the built in flash. Sometimes ...

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My background is as a visual artist - used film SLRs so far. The A1 is quite a versatile camera. The zoom is just the right range and it is a true barrel zoom which is a million times better than the rocker switch type zoom on most other digital cameras. The image stabilisation REALLY does work - no need to carry a tripod around (unless you want to do long exposures, etc.). Autofocus is quite fast, but of course you will need to find contrast in low light. The camera is nice to hold and it is ...

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Using my A1 for more then one year and 7500+ pictures on its counter I can only say it is a great tool. It never let me down. It has anything on board to tackle each situation as long as you don't want to take extreme close-ups or super zoomshots. Ofcourse it takes time till getting used to each functionality but it is worth the effort. Long battery life though I always have a second battery, just in case. This is the Swiss knife amongst digital prosumer camears. Problems: No problems ...

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morten s

Have had this cam for one month so far - all the features you need and more. solid and pro build quality, complex but easy enough to use. photo quality is good but not great, but the lens is really good. good lcd in all light situations(rare feature), the battery is the best I've ever seen. This is no p&s camer- auto mode is not so hot, you need to push some buttons to get good pictures.. recommended for a serious photographer who likes a lot of controls! Not so cool: Big and bulky- not for ...

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