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Global website: www.hp.com
Established: 1939
Country: USA
First digital camera: HP PhotoSmart, 1997
The world’s largest IT company, which had been designing and manufacturing digital cameras since 1997’s PhotoSmart system (consumer camera printer and scanner), announced in 2007 that it was throwing in the towel, since when it has offered a simple range of basic HP- branded OEM compacts. The company has been far more successful with its printers and multifunctional devices, which are amongst the best- selling on the market today.
Although it invested a huge amount of effort and resource into its PhotoSmart digital camera system and introduced a range of innovative features, HP failed to achieve much market share and the current range of budget ‘point and shoot’ HP cameras are manufactured by an unnamed third-party.
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Although it no longer offers dedicated 'speciality' photo printers, HP continues to innovate and these days, its Photosmart range of all-in- one printers are some of the most popular on the market.
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