PIX 2015

HP Photosmart M407

Announced Aug 28, 2004 •
4 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 40 – 111 mm (2.8×)

I have been using this camera since 2004. If I only used it for outdoors, perfect light at the right distance (not having to use any zoom) it would be a good camera. But the quality of most of the pictures is average at best. I can't even use the zoom because the pictures are terrible. I am upgrading this Christmas (FINALLY) to an SRL-like and I am so excited to take some good photos! HP is GREAT, though, with customer service. I had a problem with my first one (about two weeks after getting ...

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I had this camera for a year and still have it. I like it better than M525 because when using 64 MB SD card, it takes more than750 and 215MB SD more than 1200. I formatted the camera and it went from 6 pics to 85 pics which is good. I'd recommend this for you if you are looking for HP Photosmart M series I like it so much that I took a lot of pics..easy to load into computer and HP Premier to adjust and crop etc... Problems: No problems for me at all...sometimes have to adjust the ...

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