Fujifilm XF 60mm F2.4 R Macro

Announced Jan 9, 2012 •
Telephoto macro prime lens | Fujifilm X
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Been to the zoo, today.Not really great pictures, but I was able to get some really good practice :) I've got a question regarding the Image Quality of 2 pictures with nearly the same settings, but with really different image quality. I'm trying to figure out why the IQ is so different. Can you explain? 100% crops (screenshot) of the unprocessed images.The face of the black/brown monkey has a lot of noise, is washed out and also some purple glow can be seen around the blown out...
By: Szobod (7 months ago)
Hi I,m looking for a ring flash lamp which will work along with fuji macro fujinon 60 mm makro lens. It would be perfect if the lamp will work in TTL mode. Any idea ? Thanks for answers. Maciek
Hi I went outside to do some pruning and found this beautiful bug shell. I decided to have some fun and check the capabilities of my 60mm doing some macro. To my surprise I found those dark spots in the photographs when I look at them in my computer screen. I had not noticed those black spots before, but I am afraid that the sensor of my Xpro-1 needs some cleaning. See attached images JPG OOC (I could not upload the RAW file)  Would you say that those black spots on the frame (center and...
I was stuck at home over the weekend. We've been having ant attack due to warm and dry weather outside. I tried to take some macro pictures using X-E1 and XF 60mm. However, I could not get the object to fill the frame. I had to heavily crop the pictures. I am wondering if there is anything I can do to take better macro pictures with my X body. Thanks.
How could I get the 60mm f/2.4 to 1:1 macro focus?  Are there extension tubes or close-up filters that wouldn't excessively reduce IQ or affect metering/electronic coupling?
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