PIX 2015

Fujifilm XC 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OIS

Announced Jun 25, 2013 •
Zoom lens | Fujifilm X

The most of the kit lenses are simply correct ones, but nothing more. I think i tested the most of the kit lenses of Nikon to Canon and this fuji 16-50mm is really good one. The best thing is the starting in 24mm , of bought the X-A1 just because of that. Of course is software corrected 24mm, but is vey very useful to start with 24mm and not in 28mm as the most of the kit lenses. The corners at 16mm and 3.5 are more than great. The colours you can get are amazing with this lens. Is not a ...

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M Colyer

The Internet suggested this lens, albeit a kit lens, was pretty sharp but maybe not as sharp as the more expensive 18-55 lens. First tried it out on a grey sky day of which we get quite a lot in the UK. Was not impressed. Lot of corner unsharpness! X-E1 was set to -2 sharpness, -2 noise reduction as I like to use software to do the sharpening etc. My Panasonic 14-45 on my Olympus EM5 body knocks spots off this. However had a Canon 40D once where the default sharpness was pretty poor i.e. ...

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