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Fujifilm X10

Announced Sep 1, 2011 •
12 megapixels | 2.8 screen | 28 – 112 mm (4×)

I soot from the v format of hasselblad with 6 different lens type, likewise with Leica M series Ive come from this era and as a compromise for easy to use digital the fujifilm x10 has done a justifiable job. Problems: What you pay is what you get

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I bought the X10 as I was so frustrated by the poor screen visibility of my Olympus Pen E-P1. It was SO frustrating not being able to compose in bright sunlight! So, the X10 was chosen as it has a "proper" optical viewfinder, so I could atleast compose with some confidence even though rangefinder viewfinders have a tendency to be inaccurate. All I can say is that this is one hell of a compact camera. The picture quality is excellent and for those obsessed with orbs, I can honestly say that I ...

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I have been a keen amateur for years and have owned everything from a Pentax spotmatic through the first autofocus camera Minolta 7000 and then on to digital working my way up through to a Nikon D90. I got sick of lugging an SLR with lenses etc. and decided to go for a compact, a small Sony DSC-HX5V which was OK but just OK. On sunny days I missed the viewfinder and looked around for an alternative, I was somewhat cautious and considered the Canon G1X and Nikon 7100 but after a trip to my ...

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Stephen Scharf

The X10 is one of the best cameras I've owned or used. This camera is so well built that it feels like my film cameras, not a "digicam" or a digital point and shoot. A terrific mirrorless digital, this camera feels and performs like a fine photographic tool. The quality of construction, ergonomics, feel of controls makes this camera a pleasure to operate and use. I love the hybrid between a retro look and feel with modern functionality. Image quality, particularly with respect to dynamic ...

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Chuck Fralick

I've had mine for a few months now and I love it. While I have and have had many DSLRs, a Leica X1, and many compacts, I really enjoy this camera. I don't like big cameras when traveling and find myself gravitating towards the small ones. I like a moderate zoom range and this one is just about perfect. I'd like a 24m wide end, but the lens performance is super as is. I disagree completely with the one review that said there was vignetting at the wide end. Handling is pretty good for a small ...

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As have many people I've been looking for a DSLR like compact for many years. I own a D300 with sigma 30mm F1.4 and love them dearly, I have more picture in my collection that I enjoy than I ever dreamed I would. So I bought the X10. I bougth an X100 6 months ago and sent it back, I hated it. controls and focussing were dire and I couldn't fit it in my trouser pocket, that was the whole point. I expected not to like the X10, but I was wrong. Yes I know there have been numerous firmware ...

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I'm well aware of the various problems that have been written about to death by various people. I'm only intrested in image quality (i shoot mostly landscape) and the X10 is with out doubt the best pocket camera i've had in years, the larger sensor makes a big difference with regards to image quality, it produces great results thats are clear, sharpe and plenty of colour in the film simulation modes. I fiound it very easy to use with well laid out dials and controls the menu is easy to use ...

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Bought this camera 10 days ago and I must say I am very impressed with this cam. The X10 beeing my 6th Fuji cam I had high expections of this cam despite the negative messages in quite some fora. However, one has to get used to a Fuji and once one knows all ins and outs its a fantastic cam, which, as every cam has its shortcomings. (low battery life, sometimes complicated menus) I made some shots in EXR mode in the dark, out of hand, and must say, blooming effect is hardly there. At least not ...

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I have more then 40 cameras of different manufacturers, including FUJI X100 (it is very low picture quality camera). But I am admired with this camera - from all sides - quality of image, build quality, size, weight... Bravo, Fuji! After F810 it is first really excellent FUJI camera. But I would like to fire person responsible for development of leather case of this camera (as well as for X100 case). This person even did not spend time to look on real old camera case - how it should be built. ...

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Just the best compact camera on the market! Great low light performance, impressive automatic modes, fast focusing speed, full manual controll and really great usability, nice video quality also. Best choice for everyday use, trips & walks. With X10 I do not need to carry everywhere my large bag with DSRL&stuff anymore! Problems: There are focus lags in movie mode, when you try to capture fast moving scenes( playing kids, pets etc), but it's normal for this size&price camera level.

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