Fujifilm FinePix F900EXR

Announced Jan 30, 2013 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen | 25 – 500 mm (20×)
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I need another battery as the Fuji NP-50A will no longer accept charge so can anyone recommend a good alternative or must I buy a genuine Fuji replacement and hope it lasts longer than the original? Thank you.
By: Shackleton (6 months ago)
Not familiar with it and have no instructions so can I ask is it normal for the charger light to flash continually while the battery is in the charger or does that indicate a problem? Thank you.
Hi everyone, I prefer  to Lumix TZ40 because a lot of review say this is the best camera to date and the price just enough for my budget. But the most important thing IF we compare to [Canon SX280 HS/Lumix L7/Galaxy camera GC100/Fujifilm F900EXR/Sony HX50V/TZ40] - which the camera is best on low light & night situation for video and picture - What about the performance when snap fast moving object like trains, f1, (blurr or static image) - How long battery life when we recording a video with...
By: CAcreeks (Dec 11, 2013)
I'm planning to buy one last EXR camera, on the assumption that Fujifilm is going to discontinue the sensor. I would like an X10 with bigger LCD and without viewfinder, but it obviously is not going to happen. XF1 lens failure stories scare me. The F900EXR seems the obvious choice, but it does not have GPS, which is more important to me than ultra-fast autofocus. I have three SD card readers, so wireless is not critical (yet). So here's my question: If you have an F770EXR, does the GPS work...
Hi, I've just gotten an F850 to replace a Lumix zs20.  I've had Fuji compact cameras before and love the warmer, more natural colors and their previous stellar ability to capture shots in low light.  They seemed to have strayed from that focus but I'm hoping that they're back on track here.    So far, I'm enjoying this camera on still subjects in all kinds of lighting.  Chasing kids and pets, however, not so much.  The zoom feel sluggish compared to the Lumix, and the video takes longer to...
By: ssb33 (May 30, 2013)
Hi I am planning on updating my current Minolta Dimage A1 which is starting to show its age, though it can still take nice pictures. Over the years, I have found DPReview to be an invaluable source of sensible unbiased information so was hoping member here could help me. I am zeroing in on the Panasonic FZ200 mainly because of the reach, its fast lens and responsiveness. Its form factor to me is a tentative plus, since it is similar to my A1 and I find the smaller compact cameras difficult to...
Aloha, I've been wanting a replacement for my aging F100fd for way too long. I'd like another similarly sized p&s camera, and having always loved Fuji color, I'd prefer sticking with the brand. I'm primarily a jpeg shooter in this context, so "relatively poor" raw performance isn't much of an issue. So, briefly (please), which of the following three models offers an appreciable edge, if any? F900EXR, F850EXR, F800EXR  (Knowing Fuji, earlier models are sometimes superior to their "upgrades" -...
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