PIX 2015

FujiFilm MX-1500 (Finepix 1500)

Announced May 18, 1999 •
1 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 38 mm

Takes fantastic closeup micro photos. Zoom not as good. I still have my Fuji MX-1500 and use it when I want a good quality photo. I bought it brand new circa 1999 it cost me $1,500 which is why I'm reluctant to toss it out. Its only good for still photos (no movies) has all the features you could need for a still camera. Only problem I have is the battery consumption is enormous. It has an option for a 3V DC input but I've never been able to get one that works.

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Very Simple to use camera with good quality pictures. I have experimented with different lighting conditions and the camera handles this well. Striking shots can be taken when you either turn the flash off and hold the camera dead steady or when you turn the back light on when the there is strong light behind you. The results were simply amazing. Amazing on it's price, size, picture quality etc... it's so good to take on holiday. With my 64meg standard = 1000 shots high quality and i mean ...

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