Fujifilm FinePix Z3

Announced May 30, 2006 •
5 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 36 – 108 mm (3×)

The FinePix Z3 is a very nice and relatively slim and sleek looking camera (it uses a 3x Fujinon folded optivcs type lens) and comes with a PictureCradle (a dock for connexting to a PC and can also be used for in-camera battery charging). The design is quite stylish and pratical -a sliding lens cover protectys the Fujinon zoom lens with a mode switvh at the top, battery and xD card compartment on the bottom, and most controls are on the back. Some unusuak buttons on the back ...

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Bought this very cheaply on Ebay - July '08, (Brand New Old Stock at approx $90) and have taken it on holiday and run it through it's paces fairly intensively over a 2 week period. Based on a good mixture of scenic, family shots, outdoor and indoor(dark) conditions, I'm glad to say that the results have been nothing short of excellent for a basic point and shoot. The lens is excellent for a compact and the images it makes is sharp with lot's of detail and resolution. I have no reservations ...

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I bought the Z3 as a present for someone who decided they didn't want it. The reasons I selected it were that it was dead simple to use, was very small and had a great LCD. I decided to keep it for a while as a second camera to my Sony DSC-V3. The Fujifilm Z3 is an excellent little camera. I have found that battery life is better than expected. Image quality is very good provided you shoot at 5mp and fine quality (camera defaults to normal out of the box), and image noise is very good to ...

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A great camera for capturing vacations and family get togethers. It's one of the best in its class and price range. It's easy to travel with but not the camera for an avid photographer or someone shooting snowboarders for instance. I would definitely recommend it for world travelers and school field trips as a cost effective way to capture a special memory. Problems: Digital rather than optical zoom on any camera compromises quality and if the camera experiences even a mild shock the zoom ...

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I've got a Fuji 7000 and an E550 (same innards) which are still better than the 9000 range but I wanted a smaller camera to carry around for those convenient shots where I didn't want or need to have "professional" shots. I tested the Z3 against my E550 and a loan F20 and was very surprised to see extremely comparable shots between them. The 7000 is better at macro and finer detail but of the smaller cameras, the Z3 more than held its own. In fact, in some shots, was better than the F20 ...

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CF Aquino

Very solidly built, sleek camera. Great all-aluminum construction, very durable LCD screen--it has a very hard protective cover that seems bulletproof. I own this camera in Black, and it gets comments anytime I remove it from my pocket. This is a sleeper of a camera--excellent, but nobody knows about it. Very quick startup to first shot, among the best I have used. Surprisingly short shutter lag, considering the lack of an optical viewfinder. Accurate color rendition under varying light ...

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