PIX 2015

Epson Stylus Photo R2000

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I have only used it two weeks now but I love it.    I tested most of the ways to make a print.  Let it decide OK.    Calibrated it to a passport color picker  REALLY GOOD BUT TAKES TIME TO SET ADJUSTMENTS.   Used PS with srgb and set gamma to 2.2 instead of dot gain 20%.  Just as good as the calibration and so convenent.   What I see on my calabrated monitor is a great match  98% of the time.  The prints are just amazing  so smooth and the color is so natural.

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The Epson R2000 setup out of the box went as directed without a hitch (except for a minor omission of having to start the ink cartridge initialization by pressing the lit ink button; instructions called for it starting automatically after closing the lid). I used a USB connection. USB or ethernet is initially required to set up even though you want to end up going wireless. Cables are not included with the R2000. Printing 13x19 matte prints from the Adobe Elements 9.0 Organizer and ...

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