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By: csn (7 months ago)
Posted to: Retouching
Does anyone know when DxO will have raw support for Nikon D750? I would expect software makers would get the heads up before a new camera release so they could get ready supporting that camera from the get go. Frankly, I'm surprised only Adobe is ready to support the D750, and even then, it's a release candidate only. Thnx
Hello Although I've worked with RAW files for years, this is my first time with the X-Trans RAW and I'm looking for examples workflows and setting to get me started. I've searched the forum but all I find are endless debates on which program is better.  For now I want to stick with what I know and what I have which is Photoshop CC + ACR 8.3, Lightroom 5 and Dxo Pro Optics 9 Elite. Any suggestions or tried and tested links would be much appreciated.
All  I am in the market for a new mac. I have narrowed my search down to either a 15in MBP with 16gb and I7 (Haswell) and Iris Pro Graphics or a 21.5'' Imac with 16gb, fusion and a faster I7 (haswell).  I am getting both for roughly the same price, albeit it being an excessive one!. I intend to use my purchase for photo editing and general home use. I am not a pro but a keen enthusiast. I currently use LR3 and Dxo Optics pro 8. However both are very slow on my current dual core processor.  I...
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