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Dell Printers

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Established: 1988
Country: USA
US website: www.dell.com
UK website: www.dell.co.uk
Dell's origins can be traced back to PC's Limited, a mildly ungrammatical company founded in 1984 in Michael Dell's dorm room at the University of Texas. Originally, PC's Limited sold IBM PC-compatible machines from stock parts, but in 1985 Dell's fledgling company sold its first computer designed in-house, the 'Turbo PC'. PC's Limited became Dell Computer Corporation in 1988, and is now one of the largest manufacturers of computing products in the world. Although still first and foremost a PC maker, Dell does market a small range of consumer-level multi-function inkjet printers.
Dell's P and V-series ranges of inkjet printers are entirely comprised of multi-function models, aimed at home and small office use. Key features include wireless connectivity and built-in memory card readers.
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