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Casio Exilim EX-Z75

Announced Jan 30, 2007 •
7 megapixels | 2.6 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

The Exilim EX-Z75 is a very slim 7MP camera that has a 3x zoom-yes, one that protudes from the camera-in a slim camera:impressive. It has a impressive feature set: -2.6" wide LCD -34 best shot scene modes -handy color filters, sharpness and saturation adjustments -histogram available while shooting or in playback mode -pan and manual focus options -manual white balance The best shot modes-a impressive 34 (that's more than what you get you with other brands). Image quality is fine.

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This is my second Casio, the first lasted several years and the lens eventually stopped coming out of the body. No big deal, we got a few good years out of it. We've had this EX-Z75 for just over a year (and just out of warranty), had to replace the battery already (at $30 a pop for a brand-name replacement at Best Buy, it should last longer!). Last week, the camera fell off a chair onto a vinyl floor. Once again, the lens mechanism failed. Sometimes it will flash "lens error" on the ...

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December '07 I bought this camera. I could never get any real good results from it in the beginning and the Casio forum on dpreview would not help me. Finally in March '08 I got help and some tips from Amazon.com and now I am taking better pictures. Not a bad camera! I would recommend this camera for an inexpensive slim carry with me always camera, or for teenagers. Problems: No help in the beginning from Casio users. Screen resolution low. Transfer speed is low. Quality is not the best in ...

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I had high expectations for this camera. I had heard great things about the Casio Exilim series, so I decided to go for it. The image quality was an immediate let down. For a camera in the $200 price range, I expected some sort of image clarity. I took about 2 dozen pictures that I would normally take (of my cats, of the woods in my back yard, a few artsy angular shots, a few of my roommate) and none were impressive at all. Very little focus, hard to choose the focus point of the shot, and ...

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Before buying this camera, I scoured the net reading reviews. Everything I saw gave it around 4.5 stars. Went to Staples and picked it up on sale for 149. Got it home, charged the battery, put it in and proceeded to take shots of everything in sight. Looked good on the LCD, but when downloaded I had to "fix" EVERY single picture, both manual pics and Easy Mode pics. I really liked the camera so I thought I would change some of the settings.....well, it didn't help. I tried for 2 weeks to ...

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This camera takes excellent pictures and I really like the Best Shot feature. However. I did have to return this camera because recharging the battery is a major pain in the arse. Small battery - large finger obstacle. Furthermore, I am sort of tired of the take the battery out and stick it in the dock, and then back in the camera again, then recharge, then back in again, etc... Its getting old, when will these people learn to just build a built in battery. Plug the camera into the wall ...

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Peter Hyde

I'm not trying to be too clever here. I bought this a few weeks ago as back up to my Nikon SLRs. I use it for quick computer applications and odd grab shots. I used it a lot on a recent trip to the USA because I really didn't wish to carry my SLR case too often. It never let me down. Outdoors for general building and landscapes it produced excellent results. A feature I value is the ability to shoot in a 6x4 format so no cropping was needed to match with my favourite print size for 'memory' ...

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