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Casio Exilim EX-S100

Announced Aug 25, 2004 •
3 megapixels | 2 screen | 36 – 102 mm (2.8×)
Tom Barley

Really handy little camera. About the weight of a mobile phone, and small enough to keep in a trouser or shirt pocket. Feels superbly built and very nice to handle. Images are good, although autofocus is not particularly sharp. Better results are had with manual focus. Slightly over saturated colours but this can be corrected in camera. I love it, take it everywhere - its small enough ! Problems: Image over saturation unless saturation adjustment lowered. Autofocus not very good - much better ...

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Have been using this very pocketable camera almost everyday now for three weeks, it's so easy to carry around and use, and the battery life is amazing.. Picture quality is quite adequate for the purpose. Will keep you posted. Problems: (after 3 weeks) edit 1: The camera crashed on me all of a sudden, with System Error 0e01 for no reason. It wasn't dropped or mishandled in any way. edit 2: The issue was software, and was solved promptly under warranty. edit 3: 3 months now. The problem was ...

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This camera really is sleek; it is VERY thin and easy to use. You can also save as many custom user settings as these "bestshots", as much as your internal memory can hold. Video quality is AWESOME! Picture quality has some grains in it, and the sharpness of the photos isn't as good as my old Sony cybershot DSC-P5... but I enjoy the S100 for its size & features, among other things. First, it's cheap ($250 at a Ritz Camera store). Another good thing about it is that although it doesn't have a ...

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Extraordinary camera in terms of design, feel, size and appearence. It is build like a tank with a steel body, and so slim that it fits in your pocket ( any pocket ) and you have to check if its really there. Picture quality is good but not very good, I say sufficient for most casual shooters, its certainly sufficient for me as casual user. Large LCD with clear designed menus. More features than I will ever need or use. Just a fantastic camera. Buy it for its size and incredible slim and good ...

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Great little camera with a nice large screen. Easy to use. Flash quit working after the first week. Casio repair center has had it for over a month. I have called many times and they claim they are waiting for parts. Warranty states they will replace the camera if they can't fix it. They refuse to do this. As you can see I am extremely unhappy with customer service.

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I'm so happy with my camera, you cannot imagine. It is just the type you can take everywhere. Pan focus is the thing that made me buy it. At first I thougth of buying the previous models which are with fixed 35 mm lens, because I thought there would never be enough light pof the autofocus inside. But having the pan focus is just increadible, you can always make a picture when you want to :)) Problems: I hate the docking station, bucause i have to take it everiwhere to charge.

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I have been agreeably suprised at the image quality and I obtained excellent results both indoor and out on a recent trip to the Swiss lakes at Lugano. Very impressed with this tiny jewel of a camera which is highly convenient to carry and use especially for commercial purposes such as taking useful shots for emailing etc. Problems: The large bright viewing screen is excellent in most circumstances but on bright days with the sun behind you it is almost impossible to see a proper image of ...

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(I am not sure why they deleted my previous comment.) I was saying. This is a compact little camera but I returned it for a Canon S500 instead the next day. The size of the camera is very good, feels very good, along with the large LCD, and long battery life which is quite not comparable by any other cameras out in the market. It is quite a camera for someone who likes to carry their camera around. Problems: The only problem with the camera is the quality of the LCD. The LCD is large ...

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