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Established: 1946
Country: Japan
First digital camera: QV10, 1995
Perhaps still best known as the name on calculators, digital watches and keyboards, Casio was in fact one of the early innovators in the consumer digital camera market (responsible for the first digital camera with a TFT screen, the first 3 megapixel camera and for introducing the concept of the ‘ultra slim’ compact). Today Casio’s Exilim range continues to offer unusual features (from ultra high speed movie capture to in-camera collages), and all feature dozens of ‘Best Shot’ modes (subject optimized scene settings).
The Exilim lineup is split into 5 distinct ranges: ‘S’ (ultra slim), ‘Z’ (basic zoom compacts), ‘H’ (high zoom), ‘F’ (ultra high speed) and ‘G’ (shock and water proof). Most are metal-bodied, and all are packed with features.
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