Canon EOS 600D (EOS Rebel T3i / EOS Kiss X5)

Announced Feb 7, 2011 •
18 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor
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Hi, I was researching on the canon t3i then i saw the t5i which isnt a big diffrence but it does have higher ISO on the T5i, Looking to mostly record video with the camera still will do photograph with it also but not as much as video. Which camera would you recommend?
By: Ezio (1 week ago)
I recently bought my first DSLR camera. It's a Canon T3i and I bought, separetly, a Canon 50mm prime lens (F1.4). However, now that I recieved my lense I cant attach it, its like its not made for this camera. Its a used lens, and it seems it an old model but I though it would still fit if its Canon.  What should I do now? I dont know much about adapters but it seems I could buy one to attach my lens. Which one should I buy? Also, would this affect my videos? I mainly want my camera to shoot...
By: jeebak (1 week ago)
Hi, im from kolkata, and will be buying my first DSLR this saturday. However i have some queries, and after reading up endless reviews on google and youtube i couldnt find any good answers. The thing is that, i will start with an entry level DSLR, because my budget isnt very high. After reading reviews i had singled out Nikon D3200 (Rs21,000), D3300 (25,000) and D5100 (24,000). The reason i didnt go for canon is because 1) the ones that will be within my budget are 1100D and 1200D and the...
Hi everyone. I'm new to photography and this forum. I have a Canon 600D and I'm more than happy with it, then again I never had anything to compare it with. I recently started reading many reviews, opinions, tests etc about how ridiculously better Sony sensors used in Nikon cameras are. For example it seems that an entry level D3300 seems to have a much better sensor than a 7D Mark II. I'm not really here to discuss the validity of these tests, how important or unimportant they might be...
Hey there! I currently own a Canon EOS Rebel T3i and looking to upgrade to a full frame camera.  Can those that are familiar with either of these cameras give me some pros and cons?  I typically shoot families,  children,  seniors and now adding school events such as dances and team photos. Which would make for a betterchoice,  5DMK3 or the 6D? Thanks.
I am an 18 year old aspiring photographer who mainly shoots sports for local newspapers and some portraits (which I plan to do more of in the future). I have a good telephoto lens in the 70-200 f4 but i need something wider to use for portraits and some up close sports shooting. I need fast autofocus for the sports side and full manual focus which comes in handy for up close sports shooting. My kit lens doesn't give good enough results with all of the CA and is blury when cropped by the...
I've been shooting with a Canon T3i aka 600D for nearly 3 years. At this point I feel I have out grown the camera, in terms of functionality/ease of use. Which has brought me to an all to common spot, where should I go next? I almost consistently shoot street, whether it be people, architecture or snapshots. I find carrying a DSLR for this to be incredibly cumbersome, and even worse makes me stand out more than I would like too. Currently, a friend of mine is loaning me his fairly new 70D,...
Please help me, I cant chose between Canon 650D/700D or Nikon D5300. I used the Canon 600D, i loved it, it was pretty much easy to control, and with the same system of canon and the touch screen, i prefer the Canon 650D/700D, however i am more concerned with the image quality, is it true that the image quality of the Nikon d5300 is much better? I plan to purchase the canon 650D/700D with one of these two lenses Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM or Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II and in case of Nikon, i will...
By: Devvarun (4 weeks ago)
how to take pictures like the below ones with Canon 60D? Im looking for step by step procedures with the specific modes exposure comps and other euipments ...i have a YOUGNUO YN560IV flash gun mounted on my camera and i cant use strobes or studio...
Im oing to do shoot within the next few weeks. he subject im going to shoot is a person with white complexion.the does a work. i have to covr him and the work he does. the person is my main subeject but i need to cover foreground element also, which comprises of the small figures (Small staue kind of things).MAny a times i will have the chance to freeze shots when the pour water slowing or with more speed on those figures....many a times with various colour water(SANDAL COLOUR, COLOUR OF...
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