Canon EOS 5D

Announced Aug 22, 2005 •
13 megapixels | 2.5 screen | Full frame sensor
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Canon EOS 5D review
By: Jamie Harrison, What Digital Camera (Dec 5, 2005)

This is a superb camera, with only minor niggles, mainly ones that can be levelled at any Canon c's face it: they're unlikely to dissuade people from investing. In terms of performance and image quality, there's not much this camera can't do and it should win many fans.

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Canon EOS 5D review

In our introduction we asked if the Canon EOS-5D was the holy grail of digital SLRs or the solution to a problem which no longer existed. After all, in the time it's taken for a full-frame body to become relatively affordable, the cropped digital SLR market has matured considerably. A number of very short focal length lenses designed for cropped sensors are now...

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