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Canon Pixma Pro9500 Mark II

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Canon accurately represents the printer as slower than the 9000 Mk II. It is slower. I can live with that to get pigment inks instead of dyes. What is untenable about this printer is the incredible rate of ink consumption and the tiny cartridges. For a "professional" grade printer, one shouldn't be limited to tiny cartridges holding less than about 13ml of ink. Refills are required and you must use the printer regularly. I always calibrate my displays, and prefer not to make custom ...

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When I finally got sick and tired of my Epson R1800 which clogged it heads all the time and I spent considerable money pumping ink through to clear clogs. I was also sick and tired of constant battles with color casts. This happened despite getting custom profiles for the printer. When It clogged its head one last time, it went into the trash. I got this Canon Pixma Pro9500 Mark II. All I can say is WOW! I did some test prints with some leftover Epson glossy paper, and didn't use any ...

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had this for 2 years and I have a Canon MP620. The ONLY advantage the Mark II is on size/paper options. The quality is NO better than the mp620. The thing takes considerable tweaking to get prints right. Uses way too much ink Printheads are problematic. Overall a non-stellar performing large format printer being labeled as a "PRO" level printer. Would not reccomend or buy again. Problems: Uses too much ink Tweaking required frequently SLOW Printheads go out.

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Tord S Eriksson

Having owned a Pro9500 Mark II for a while now, I must stay it produces stunning results. Rather slow, at standard settings, but amazing results, worthy its price. As it is a pigment ink printer one has to be careful when choosing paper, as photo paper for ink printers is not the same as photo paper for dye printers. Will most likely outlive us, being a very rugged unit, as long as there are dye cartridges for it! It has no WiFi built-in, so we use an AirPort to connect it to our iMac - works ...

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