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Similar to this post, my Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II suddenly started printing magenta instead of yellow. Unlike that post, it only does this on some images. I've looked at the sponges where the carts fit into the print head, and can't detect any contamination. I haven't found what triggers the behavior yet. My first question is: Has anyone experienced this, and how did you solve it?  My next question is: Do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting further? I haven't fully ruled-out that...
Win-7 offered to install an optional software update: Canon 9000-2 released in Dec, 2013 published Feb 5, 2014 I attempted to find out the specifics of what it contained, but wasn't able to. My speculation is that it might be for additional Media-Types for different papers, but I thought I'd check if anyone has installed it, and noticed any problem(s).
Niklas Saers
By: Niklas Saers (May 26, 2013)
Dear all, I'm a frustrated printer newbie. I've got my iMac, my Canon 5DmkII, I shoot raw, I process my photos in Lightroom, I've calibrated my iMac with a Spyder 3 Pro, I've bought a Canon Pro9000mkII, use original Canon ink and Photo Paper Pro II paper. I print from Lightroom using 16 bit printing, setting color management to "Managed by Printer", where I select the Photo Paper Pro II as media type and quality as high. My frustration is this: even though I think I've set everything up to...
I am looking for 13 x 19 canvas for inkjet printing.I am creating impressionist style images from photos taken on the Mediterranean sea.while it is often a personal feeling can anyone recommend both a canvas brand and whether they find this style of image looks better on matte or semi gloss canvas ?i have requested to sample the moab anasazi as well as breathing color lyve canvas.has anyone used these, have reviews on these, or others ?thanks.i use a pixma pro 100. i used the product tag...
I am looking to purchase a large format A3 printer from one of these companies.Does either company have a better reputation for holding up , and not clogging, when the printer is not being used regularly.I will likely use the printer every week or every other week. I would hate to have to mess with clogged print heads regularly , this would likely spoil the convenience of having an in house printer.furthermore, the color lineup these printers use are so vastly different, e.g. Epson 2000...
Anyone who can offer some advice , help it would be appreciated.I am a hobbyist with a discerning eye. I am interested in purchasing either the Pixma Pro 9000 mark ii (possibly even the 9500 mark ii) versus the pro 100. Obviously as Canon has discontinued the 9000/9500 series they are available for considerably less than their new 100 printer. I am willing to pay more for the 100 if the prints will be somewhat better however. My big concern is that Canon discontinued their red and green...
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