Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 STM

Announced Jul 23, 2012 •
Wideangle prime lens | Canon EF-M
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Is the EF-M 22mm sold in a retail package? Because I just bought one on Amazon from a third party seller and expected it in a nice Canon box, but instead I received the bulk gray package with no logos. Maybe it was part of a kit? I'm not sure if returning it, the amazon one is 40$ more (190 euros instead of 225 euros, yeah we don't have your amazing 99$ price over here...) Thank you so much
I was looking through my pictures and I noticed that the focal length reported for the 22mm f2 lens was 55mm... I know it's my cat, but he is a willing model so... But you can see the lens is reported one way but the focal length the other.  One is WRONG! I also checked the raw file with the same results.  Could this happen by changing lenses with the power on?  I also have the 11-55 EF M lens as well.  Actually, I am not sure if the lens is reported wrong of the focal length. Come to think...
By: 2envision (Feb 20, 2013)
Posted to: Canon EOS M Talk
Just last week bought an EOS-M with EF-M 18-55 and EF-M 22.  I like it :-).Started using the 18-55 and loved it.  I hadn't really tried the 22mm until a few nights ago.  I took a few shots at f2 indoors and when looking at them later noticed they were blurry.The internet is telling me this is a sharp lens even at f2, e.g. slrgear.  And all the f2 samples I've downloaded seem sharp.Anyone else had this experience?  I'm guessing its just an issue with my lens but I just wanted to check.  I'll...
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