Canon EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM

Announced Jan 29, 2004 •
Lens | Canon EF

Superb lens.  I have had it a long time ... about 6 years + I think.  I originally got it for a 10D and then a 1DS II ... it is now used on a 5D III.  I have always been impressed with the image quality and colours/contrast produced by this brute of a lens.  It is heavy but really is an all in one lens.  My wife, who is a professional photographer, swears by it for weddings if at a varied venue where there is enough light.  You are hard pushed to tell in the real world difference between ...

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I have bought my 28-300L some months ago and use it all around Galapagos Islands and Easter Island.. I think I'll will never find a better lens like this one. It is totally awesome, perfect match for my 7D. The image quality is superb. The auto-focus is really-really-FAST and silent. I was a little disappointed using it at high ISO... it doesn't look ¨too¨ sharp as I expected to be an L lens of this price tag, but besides that the picture quality is outstanding. For video it's a little ...

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I heard that this lens was heavy, yes is really heavy, but after i received I didn't change it back, this is my new everyday toy, sharp pictures, fast focusing. Build quality is definitely that of the 'L' series, is much slower than primes, I always keep my 50mm f/1.4 just in case a low light situation. I like the fact that has a broad range from 28-300mm and it is very versatile Problems: heavy no good for low light conditions

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