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Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II

Announced Feb 18, 2009 •
Wideangle perspective control prime lens | Canon EF
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Hi everybody, I need to reduce glare on the glass (in architecture). Do you think a polarizing filter can help me? In case, can you help me to choice a polarizing filter to use with my Canon Lens 24 mm TSE? Thanks a lot S
I am using the Canon 24mm TS-E on an EOS 6D for architectural photography, mounted on a Manfrotto Junior 410 geared head. I want to produce building interior panos avoiding the foreground parallax which makes it hard to stitch when you tripod-mount the body and shift left-right/up-down. As I understand it what I need to do is therefore keep the lens in the same position and move the back to reverse the effect of the lens movement. Hejnar Photo makes an Arca-type plate for the Manfrotto 410,...
I shoot architecture, largely exteriors, for work but not for income. Mostly photos I only use at PowerPoint resolutions and for book/article illustrations. Really large prints are an occasional treat. I really want to move to a TS-E, firstly because I much prefer to compose and problem-solve in-camera rather than in PS, and secondly because I loved my old Nikon shift and want to play with tilt too. My question is, is it too bad a waste of a beautiful lens (17mm TS-E) to put it on a...
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