PIX 2015

Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM

Announced Nov 6, 2012 •
Zoom lens | Canon EF

I bought mine in a kit with 6D. The lens does not have as high IQ as other lenses in my portfolio, but it is not bad at all. Wide open, there will be some lacking sharpness in the corners and you will see chromatic aberration here and there and vignetting especially at the short end of the zoom. That needs to be said. Stop it down a bit and it becomes a lot better. I have taken some long exposure night shots with this lens, that are razor sharp and have little to no problem with CA. As other ...

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Tim O'Connor

I purchased this lens with my 7D mk2 a few weeks ago, when I decided I was going to keep both Canon and Nikon systems. This lens might seem an odd choice for crop cameras like the 7D, but I find the FL (slight wide angle to mid tele) really rather nice, and really wanted the macro mode, and 'L' fit and finish. Build quality is very good, and AF speed excellent.  The macro function is very nice, although at maximum macro, you are very close to the subject.  Image quality is actually a lot ...

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Three months ago I've decided that I want to go full-frame. I took the decision after analysing for almost a year the best options for my next step in photography. After testing three mirrorless cameras (the E-M1, the X-E2 and the A7) and the 6D, I've come to the conclusion that the latter would suit me best. I've bought the 6D coupled with the new "kit" L glass...the 24-70 f4L IS USM. Beforehand I've read all the reviews and watched all the movies regarding the lens and the final impresion ...

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