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Canon PowerShot SX210 IS

Announced Feb 8, 2010 •
14 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 392 mm (14×)

Very good telephoto zoom, good details at maximum zoom, very good IS, let you get good quality photo (best from compact camera) at equiv. f=400mm! For this: 5 stars! Very slow camera, you will miss many photos if you are not already prepared to get it. The zoom is slow (it is right that it is long), the AF is very slow. Also, take to long until take the next shut. The white balance is not so good and the color in artificial light are not fine too. For this: 2.5 stars! I tested 2 cameras, one ...

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I'm a long time Canon user: I tried the Lumix TZ-10 and had such a disaster with the Mac interface that I sent it back and got one of these instead. I'm seriously impressed. Everything works pretty much the way I expect, and a couple of the first shots I've taken have been quite extraordinary in level of detail and sharpness for a camera this size. The video works very well, and the zoom is pretty wonderful. The pop-up flash thing is only a mild irritant - I quickly got into the habit of ...

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**** "The Little Camera that Could" **** I own and used the SX210 since April 2010. This is the best of it's class. It covers all areas with typical Canon "Point and Shoot Quality.The lens reaches from 28-392mm, which is amazing, but needs a little practice. If someone is not interested in using the full range of this lens, then a normal range "Point and Shoot" whould be easier to use. If you want a "All in One" pocket device then this is it. Problems: None

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Firstly let me say that the first four reviews are a waste of time and should be removed, Anyway bought this PowerShot SX 210IS to replace my PowerShot SX100IS I usually change my camera after about six months or so but held on to my SX100IS because I really liked it and did not really see any reason to change for face lifted models with a few more mega pixels, I was temped by the PowerShot SX200IS but never bought because of the flash always staying up. The PowerShot SX210IS firstly the ...

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