Canon PowerShot S95

Announced Aug 19, 2010 •
10 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 105 mm (3.8×)
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By: kurt1968 (1 month ago)
Hi  , i want to upgrade from my Canon S95 which is slow and can't get thin DOF. I love to go fishing , lots of opportunities to make a nice shot . I was thinking of buying a body with a fast prime , to learn to play with the DOF. As i don't want to worry about some rain , i was looking at the a700 . I like it because it has 2 control wheels . a700 + 35mm f1.8  or a minolta 50mm f 1.7 ? By the way , i held an a58 the other day ; these SLT's are really fast !! Would the speed of the a700 turn...
I am trying to figure out how or if there is even an option to enable a review option after shooting an image while in manual mode. In auto-mode it works fine, just in manual mode I can't seem to figure it out.
Background: I am looking to upgrade cameras and would like some advice. I currently have a Sony A100 and a Canon IXUS 800 IS. I'm looking to spend $500 or less on a new camera which will replace one (or both) of those. I have some decent A-mount lenses, so I'd like to stay in that family if I can. I'm comfortable digging into the technical options on a camera; my wife is not. My wife's requirement is that she be able to pick up the camera, take a picture quickly, and get a decent result,...
I'm in the middle of travelling though South America & my trusty Canon S95's screen has gone completely bust. I plan to get it fixed eventually when I get home, but that won't be for another 5-6 months. So now I come to a tough decision. What to upgrade to? Midrange mirror less or beginners DSLR (Nikon 3200?). I'm passing through Lima/Rio's duty free this coming Monday so I have some shopping to do. Considering I'll still use the Canon again, I wouldn't mind getting into another system....
I have an EPM1. I would like to buy a really small light pancake normal zoom. I did not buy the Panasonic 14-42 Panasonic X because of advice I got here about its' problems. Now Panasonic has the new small 12-32mm, and Olympus is coming out with a 12-32mm as well. I am not well versed in the terminology but here goes: My question is would I be well advised to get the Olympus rather than the Panasonic? I'm thinking that the Olympus camera might be able to handle the ?barrel distortion(s) from...
I don't understand why Canon stresses so much this double-ratio property of the camera. With my S95 I tried some time the 4:3 but had a hard time at home to crop them to something pleasent so I returned remorseful to 3:2. Maybe this is good for video ?I don't know - someone can please explain ? Meiki
New Daddy
By: New Daddy (4 months ago)
I'm thinking of upgrading my Canon S95, and XF1 may be a candidate, now with deeply discounted price. How does the EXR technology of XF1 work - especially EXR DR, as I shoot in high DR situation a lot? It sounds like an excellent concept on paper that may win me over the competitors (RX100, S110), but the sample images that I see on review sites don't jump out as really differentiating.
Hi, everyone. I've been a long-time user of a hand-me-down Canon Rebel until the shutter died right before a trip. My brother-in-law let me borrow his NEX7 with the 18-55mm lens, and I really liked the camera and the lens, the portability of both (compared to the Canon), and especially the fact that I could pick up the camera, turn it on, and by the time the camera was at face level, I could take a shot. I kept the camera off to conserve the battery only because the lag time from power on to...
I recently bought an S110, primarily because I want to tag GPS coordinates to my photos.  I previously owned a S95 and really like it. Everything seems to work fine with one exception.  The iPhone CameraWindow app stops logging GPS data after a period of time.  I'd like to see the app include a setting for low long it records before going to sleep, or just record indefinitely until the battery is dead.  Strong hint, Canon. I'm wondering how long the app records GPS locations before it...
When you half-press the shutter release button, the AF is locked but the AE is not locked in S95-S120. Is it possible to have the AE locked too by half-pressing the shutter release for quick focus-and-recompose? (I could lock AE first with the "up" button in the D-pad and then focus-and-recompose, but if you can lock the AE with half-pressing the shutter, the whole shooting flow will be much faster.)
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