Canon PowerShot S5 IS

Announced May 7, 2007 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 36 – 432 mm (12×)
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Canon PowerShot S5 IS review
By: WDC Team, What Digital Camera (Oct 2, 2007)

The term ‘Jack of all trades’ was invented for this camera, and the rest of the cliché also rings true. Bridge cameras should be all-rounders, but the Canon PowerShot S5 IS performs inconsistently in different situations.

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Canon PowerShot S5 IS review

Canon’s PowerShot S5 IS remains one of the best super-zoom digital cameras on the market. It sports a decent 12x range with optical stabilisation, a useful flip-out and twist screen, a decent degree of manual control and impressively, a flash hotshoe. Some will also prefer its use of AA batteries over proprietary and expensive Lithium Ion battery packs. The PowerShot S5 IS also handles...

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