PIX 2015

Canon PowerShot S3 IS

Announced Feb 21, 2006 •
6 megapixels | 2 screen | 36 – 432 mm (12×)

Why are reviewers so kind to this camera?!? I am dismayed by the relatively kind treatment that this camera and its successor, the S5-IS, have gotten on this review site and others. So much space is devoted to listing the features and describing how they work. Almost no attention is given to the real-world image results. This camera has two very important flaws: 1) Color Fringing so bad it hurts. One will find little or no mention of this in the review of the S3-IS. But in the review of the ...

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Died within 5 days, now I'm screwed Problems: I bought this camera last week, just prior to a long trip around Asia. I used it for 3 days at my first stop, and enjoyed taking photos with it. Once or twice, when I turned it on, the viewfinder just showed dark gray static, but turning it off and back on cured it. I didn't think much of it at the time. As of today (day 5 of the trip), that's all it does, both in the viewfinder and LCD. I can vaguely see the difference between pointing it at a ...

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Based on reviews, I couldn't help but think that the S3 would be the geatest thing since sliced bread. I purchased one and test drove it for almost two weeks. A total of 531 shots. I did nothing short of turning the manual inside out in an attempt at improving final results. To no avail. In anything less than ideal conditions the camera fell flat on it's face. Colour and detail fell off dramatically in accordance with increasing cloud cover and even the best images produced under the most ...

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IMO this is the ideal camera. As the internal memory cache and MP count, and frames per second all increase I believe that most people will find this camera does it all. Unfortunately it is poorly built. Problems: Unfortunately this camera is very poorly built. There are no seals. Mositure gets into the battery pack, into the lens gears, behind the lens etc making the camera unusable until it drys out, or destroying it all together. I see moisture behind the lens all the time. (Don't take it ...

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ADDED AFTER EXTENSIVE WINTER USE: VERY sensitive to cold weather. Despite a slow acclimatization to cold weather in a bag, with silica gel bags, the USM motor refuses to work in temperatures approaching freezing. NOT recommended for temperate climates or colder. USELESS 1/4 to 1/3 of the year. Complains about lens errors and low batteries when using the zoom. Shooting it fully automatic as you would with a cheap compact, you miss out on many of the features, not to mention: many good photos. ...

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