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Canon PowerShot G9

Announced Aug 20, 2007 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 35 – 210 mm (6×)
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Canon PowerShot G9 review
By: Matt Golowczynski, What Digital Camera (Dec 4, 2007)

Canon’s PowerShot G9 performs very well across the board, with a fantastically detailed LCD screen, great functionality and good images.

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DCRP Review: Canon PowerShot G9
By: Jeff Keller, Digital Camera Resource Page (Oct 10, 2007)

The PowerShot G9 is a solid high-end camera, though it won't be replacing your digital SLR anytime soon. It offers a full set of features, both automatic and manual, and throws them into a well-built, expandable body. If you keep the ISO as low as possible you'll get some nice photos out of the camera, though a D-SLR will wipe the floor with the G9 at higher sensitivities. Though I still miss...

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Canon PowerShot G9 review

The Canon PowerShot G9 is a very powerful compact which will greatly appeal to enthusiasts or anyone looking for a pocketable backup for a DSLR. It features a wide array of manual controls which unlike many compacts are sensibly implemented and on the whole, unrestricted. The quality lens offers a useful 6x range and sports both optical stabilisation and impressive macro facilities. On the...

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