Canon PowerShot G1 X

Announced Jan 9, 2012 •
14 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 112 mm (4×)
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Hi, I live in Oslo, Norway, and recently bought the G1X mk2 from a kind photographer who bought it in Japan, and thus has only English and Japanese menus. I use English. Now, I try to set up Connect button using the Wifi menu and connect button to get the Image Gateway service. I can set it up to be used with my iPhone/iPad with the app Camera Window (that was the easy part), but the I have trouble getting the Cloud service and the Image Gateway service. In the Wifi menu on my camera, there´s...
Hi, I´m considering buying a used G1 X mark ii that was bought in Japan, with meny language in just Japanese and English. Does anyone know if it will be possible install a "worldwide version" of the firmware to get other languages? And, is there any differences with the Japanese version of this camera versus the European one (except the bigger finger/hand grip)? Thanks for any help!
Hi, am looking for a little assistance.  Have researched online looking for an option for a hard reset for a G1X to see if that will assist. The work camera is a work camera, we have been on hiatus for a while with minimal, not so knowledgeable people using the camera, and now need the camera is required it appears that the LCD display does not display.  I've tried the down arrow solution where the display may have been turned off, but no joy.  The camera resides in a small African country...
Well I'm going abroad again and this will be my last time cause the project is over :/ and I want to capture every moment of this trip because I wasn't able to capture the other trips. I want a compact camera to capture my travels, I will be taking pictures of 1.Friends/big group photos 2. Scenery (buildings,stages,the outside) What I want to be on the Camera 1.VİEW FİNDER 90%+ is a must for me. 2. 500-600 Dollars 3. Easy to use and good. 4.decent megapixels (I was thinking around...
Does anyone know if the G1 X Mark II uses the full sensor data to generate a video frame in the video mode, or does it sub-sample the full data set by techniques such as line-skipping?
By: ibanezac (5 months ago)
Posted to: Open Talk
I'm a hudge HDR fan and i'm about to buy a new camera. My choice is Sony Alpha a6000 or Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II. Comparison: Sony has 5 frames AEB and Canon has 3 frames AEB. So is it better to have 5 insted of 3 frames and das it matter at all?
I'm stuck in an endless decision loop for a new camera and need a fresh perspective given my needs, planned uses and current gear. If you have time I would welcome your thoughts and suggestions. I know I'm just over thinking this.  We're planning a family vacation to Yellowstone which is prompting the upgrade desire. Uses would be (in order of percentage of use): Family vacations and trips (portrait and landscape), school/soccer events/games, school functions (gym lighting), product...
Trying again and again to reply to hands-on with Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II, but each time being asked to log in. But AM logged in. Can dpr fix this?
The slow lens of G1 X has been replaced. A fully articulated LCD would make G1 X Mark ll a perfect camera I was waiting for. What is a reason not to make a really good camera when all required technology exists?
By: jaguk (6 months ago)
Just a quick question. I have the choice between the G16, G1x and RX100. I have read so many reviews and narrowed my choice to these three models. I like the look of each for different reasons. G16 has the best zoom and is fast. G1x has a tilt screen. RX100 has the big sensor. So I'm looking for opinions. I want to get the camera within the next couple of days! I am an amateur who is just looking for a step up from my 6 year old panasonic, and is just looking for a little more control and...
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