Canon PowerShot G16

Announced Aug 22, 2013 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 140 mm (5×)
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Hi- Short summary: Experienced photographer. I've done homework but not tried cameras yet. Narrowed down to 5 (bullet list below) with good deals right now. Budget is $500. Wonder about some things that I may not be able to tell until I've used a camera for a while (2nd bullet list below). Any opinions? Even other cameras that I should consider? ---------------------------------------------- I wish there was a general compact camera forum, as most people seem to compare these cameras across...
By: Swinden (2 months ago)
I need a new 'compact'camera, have been searching quite a lot, Nikon P7800, Olympus Stylus 1, Panasonic LX100, Canon G16 and some others, but finally the Sony RX10 appears te be the best of all of them. Therefore I was rather puzzled (and a little bit shocked) to see two pics on What is going on here? If you go to the site and look at the samples 100% you see horrible smearing...
May be this is an old question but at the moment I'm trying to make a choice. I have a Fuji X10 which delivers nice pics but it has some flaws which make that I don't want to take it with me on a biketour of 3000 kilometer along river Danube, next April en May. I have several options: Canon G16, okay, but deal breaker is its completely useless OVF; I really hate taking pictures from LCD. That means I absolutely want a compact camera with EVF. On the bike a dSLR isn't very convenient, fot...
By: kimmie92592 (2 months ago)
Does anyone know of any updates to this camera on the horizon?  I think this would be the perfect camera for me if it just had a better sensor.
I just bought a Canon Powershot G16 camera & I cannot get my HP computer with windows 8 to recognize the camera.  The camera recognizes the computer.  But the computer does not recognize the camera.  I have Canon Utilities installed with Camera Window.  The Camera Window says I am set up for WiFi, but the PC won't recognize the camera. What am I doing wrong? The Revette
Hi all i have been looking for an intervallometer for my new G16. Canon's are too expensive. What should I bye? i have seen many in e-bay but not many state that they support the G16. Is the plug the only crucial point. The G16 has a microjack for remote control. does anyone know if the Godox support the G16? help greately appreciated Pete
A USB cable.  How can I transfer photos from the camera to my PC? A complete printed Users manual.  Where can I get one (other than downloading it)?
By: lmm205 (3 months ago)
Posted to: Open Talk
Hi all, I have recently bought a second-hand Pentax K-R. It's a decent enough camera for me, considering my beginner status (I also have a Canon G16 to take around with me). However, I am stuck when it comes to lenses; it seems the mount for the K-R is a 'Pentax KAF2', which is all when and good but I can't ever find any decent lenses with that particular mount that don't cost a fortune. Could anybody point me in the right direction for any possible lens adapter? I would like to get a half...
Hi there, My husband just received his 30 year long service award with the company he is employed with.  There are several options re awards one can choose of them being a free camera out of a choice of seven.  BUT...we are not in the 'know' so to speak re cameras.  Therefore, we have been trying to research the different brands we can choose nephew suggested we check out your website. Not going to lie...we are both OVERWHELMED...and were very excited when we noticed...
By: nazim (4 months ago)
I cannot find the color space option in my Canon g16. plz help
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