Canon PowerShot G15

Announced Sep 17, 2012 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 140 mm (5×)
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By: Stefanels (4 days ago)
Hello all. My name is Stefan and i live in Barcelona (Spain) and in a couple of days i want to buy a new advanced compact camera. I owned a Samsung NX300 with 18-55 lens + 10mm Fisheye but i sold it to a friend and i want to buy a new camera. I have some choices from a few camera that i like... the OLYMPUS Stylus XZ-2 (260 Euro) , Canon Powershot G15 (270 Euro) , Nikon Coolpix A (330 Euro) and Panasonic Lumix LX7 (330 Euro)... My GF has a Fujifilm X20 and i kind of like it but for my looks...
I was a happy user of the G12 but it broke and the only replacement camera with a swivel LCD was the G1x. I knew that the main limitation of the G1x was a lack of true macro (closest distance about 20cm) so I bought a second hand G1x in the hope that the next camera (the G2x) would have a better Macro (and some betters specs) and so I would buy a new G2x. To my disapointment, the Swivel LCD is no more an option on the G2x, and my question is if there is any improvement to the macro mode. If...
By: ArusaHayk (1 month ago)
Posted to: Open Talk
I am looking for a good camera around $300. The camera that is easy to use and suitable for taking pictures of toddlers. Initially I have been looking from compact camera pool and below are my selections. 1.Olympus XZ-2 2.Pentax MX-1 3.Canon G15 Then I have come across Canon EOS M with pancake lense. my questions: 1. should I buy a compact high end camera or Canon EOS M? 2. Which Compact camera would you recommend out of 3 I have selected? I know very little about cameras and will appreciate...
Hi, My wife left her G15 charger in our hotel in Tenerife in December but did not realise it until now when she wanted to take some pics. So it is gone and we are in the U.K. and we cannot find a genuine replacement for it, there are plenty of dodgy ones you can buy we have sent 2 back as useless, so does anyone know how or where to obtain a new powershot G15 batt. charger please. Thanks in anticipation Dennis.
By: LeeStG (2 months ago)
I'm trying to help a friend who wants a smaller alternative to carry around vs a DSLR. I have no first hand experience with either of these cameras.  Closest I've come to is the G16. The price difference is only approx. 50 dollars so it's not really the money unless saving the extra 50 is an added bonus.  The G15 is the more expensive. Other than the size and weight...........I'm not sure what differences are involved here.  I suppose since both have the same size sensor (I believe) and both...
By: dpr4bb (2 months ago)
I am considering getting an RX100M2. I was looking at some of the test images from the review, and what I see is puzzling: Sony RX100M2 Portrait Test (ISO 200) Canon G15 Portrait Test (ISO 200) The Canon G15 has a much smaller sensor, yet its portrait test images look much sharper and nicer than those of the RX100M2 at lower ISO levels. Canon's images degrade more quickly at higher ISO levels, but they are still a bit better than the Sony images. I thought perhaps the...
I have been reading the reviews and comparisons on DPR for the various classes and sizes of compact cameras with interest. Basically I've been using an old Canon Ixus 500 P&S for years and it's died, and it's time to start learning photography. I am basically in need of a compact camera with easy, ergonomic manual controls. Simple operation would lessen the overall difficulty and increase motivation levels to get out there and experiment and get some practice. Excessive menu navigating is a...
By: Noblesix (2 months ago)
Hi there, I'm quite new to photography and I bought a Canon G15. I have had for a couple months and love it. Now that I have taken more and more photos, I became interested in wide angle photography. Can somebody recommend a good wide angle lens? I learned that Canon G15 required an adapter or something so we can attach another lens or something. I really appreciate the help and time. Thank you.
Hello! This is my first post even though I have been following dpreview for years now, on and off. I'm currently looking for a replacement for my Canon 40D. I'm in the market because I wan't to shoot video and pics of my future dog that will be born sometime in april onwards. The 40D doesn't have video and that's the main reason I need a new camera. I don't want to shoot crappy Samsung Galaxy S3 video. I'm also an artist, and although my photography has been on a break, I would like to have...
Dan Hudson
By: Dan Hudson (3 months ago)
Due to a previous problem with a screen protector, I ask this question. What is a good one guaranteed to be easy to remove. Last one I used on a G10 cost me $180 to have Canon repair get the glue off the LCD screen. Actually they replaced the screen. I used everything including acetone and Goo Gone before sending it in for repair. Scared to use one now. I need protectors for my G10 and G15. Any help would be appreciated. --Christian Amateur Photographer
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