Canon PowerShot D20

Announced Feb 7, 2012 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 140 mm (5×)
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By: Rono007 (3 months ago)
Hello all... I am new to this site and am interested in photography. I have been a point-and-click guy my whole life and am ready to make a jump into the DSLR world with my first DSLR purchase. I want a camera that I can grow INTO and not OUT OF. I currently use a Canon D20 for vacationing underwater shots, and it works quite well for its purpose. My main camera to this point is a Canon G12. I thought about going mirrorless with a Fuji X-E2 at a friends recommendation. However, this doesn't...
Hi. I'm thinking of buying a "tough" camera for video recording. I can't figure out which one of these cameras are the best, I'm not too good with cameras. The only things that matter to me are the video quality and the audio. PLEASE HELP ME! I'm a dumb guy, I can't figure this stuff out and could really use some help from some experts. The only things that matter to me are the video quality and the audio. Price doesn't matter. The only things that matter to me are the video quality and the...
By: Adeptjr (Jan 3, 2013)
Hello,Besides buying the Canon AKT-DC2 kit is there anywhere else I can find a carabiner strap for the D20 along with the special strap mounts "lock-screw tip caps."  Basically looking for something similar to the AKT-DC1 style where I can put in the lock-screw tip cap that is attached to the carabiner strap that has a clip on hook.Thanks,
I'm getting married early next year and am looking into purchasing both a full size camera as well as a compact to just have in my pocket where the other would be too big to carry around with.We plan on going to both city areas as well as beachy places.  I've been looking into waterproof/dustproof compacts and can't find a good consensus on which one is better than the other.  All of them that I've looked at have both good and bad reviews.  As this will be for our honeymoon, I don't want to...
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