PIX 2015

Canon PowerShot A3000 IS

Announced Jan 5, 2010 •
10 megapixels | 2.7 screen | 35 – 140 mm (4×)

The dial mode function is the most handsome criteria that catches my attention. It is a very straight forward camera that defines what is a point and snap camera is all about. The AF is acceptably fast enough for a p&s. Although there are many more faster models, the dial mode function enable the users to select a suitable mode in just no time. The height of the body also fits in our hands. The cons are the buttons are quite hard to press maybe it is meant to be heavy duty type? Not sure Prob ...

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The camera seems a bit cheap compared to cameras with the same price. But it takes good pictures, both indoor and outdoor. When ISO is low(100) they are quite sharp, with ISO of 400 or bigger they start to be blury. It's quite fastin booting and shotting, i'm using a 4Gb class 6 SDHC and it writes to the card in no time at all. In auto mode sometimes it takes a while focusing and chosing the rigth settings, and sometimes is out of focus, I usually shot in Program mode. Overall is a nice ...

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