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Canon PowerShot A1300

Announced Feb 7, 2012 •
16 megapixels | 2.7 screen | 28 – 140 mm (5×)
West LA Dirk

I had an A 1000 that I liked but the screen cracked on a hike so ended up with Panasonic Lumix FZ150.  Decided to give the Canon to my granddaughter since the screen was still visible and cracks weren't likely to cause injury.  Now that its gone I kind of missed having it so bought an A 1300 off of EBay.  It may well be one of the last, if not the last small point and shoot with an optical viewfinder (very handy when outdoors in bright sunlight).  Another handy feature is the use of AA ...

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I know I know, this is the camera people can't stop talking about ;-) Firstly, purists, pixel peepers, noise obsessives, DXOmark addicts etc etc step away from the review now, this camera is definitely not for you. Sooooo, I picked up one of these with an IR conversion as part of the deal, knowing full well I was purchasing the camera equivalent of the big button phone. In terms of build quality my wife would lovingly describe it as "Nasty". However, it is what it is, cheap, plastic and built ...

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Dumitrel Stan

I think this is one of the best compact cameras. Why do I say that? Because you can make great photos in automatic mode, and you can make excelent photos in bright day light. See my examples: Made with my Canon A1300 in automatic mode. It must be bright day light. I also recommend a mini tripod to use with this camera, especially for HD videos

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I like A1300. Shot with one hand. Important that I can take film using the optical viewfinder. Useful flash. Very good batteri capacity, because I am using viewfinder not the screen composing the picture. Useful picture information. Very good menu system. Good solid construction. Not to big for the pocket. Low price. G15 looks interesting, but is may be to big for my pockets. Problems: No problems. But would like to set the shutter or aperture manually. Wind noise taking film. Would ...

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The Canon Powershot A1300 is a budget cam selling for cheap prices. However even for that money you can get better cameras. It feels pretty cheap with it´s plastic body, considering that you can get an Ixus made of metal with a ways more solid feeling is a bit questionable. The 16MP are too much for this kind of sensor. Dynamic Range is pretty limited and the exposure doesn´t work that proper. I always had to apply exposure correction of -1/3 to -2/3 for a pic that isn´t overexposed. Exposure ...

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