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Established: 1933
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First digital camera: EOS DCS 3, 1995
Country: Japan
One of the ‘big guns’ in the photography world for over half a century, Canon remains a significant force in the market today. This is particularly true in the digital SLR sector, where it has held the No 1 or No 2 position since the introduction of the EOS 30D, its first fully ‘homegrown’ model, and the EOS 300D, generally considered the first ‘consumer’ digital SLR. Canon today offers a range of digital SLR models, from the entry-level to the high end professional, including both APS-C and full frame bodies, all using Canon’s in-house CMOS sensors. In addition to SLRs, Canon has a successful range of compact cameras and is a leading manufacturer of laser and inkjet printers, scanners, camcorders, binoculars and multifunctional devices.
Canon’s Powershot range is split into six distinct sub-ranges from the entry-level the A series through the popular slimline ELPH (IXUS) compacts and waterproof ‘D’ series to the enthusiast level S, SX and G series.
Canon has one of the largest lens ranges in the market including arguably the strongest range of reasonably affordable mid-level primes. EF-S lenses are only compatible with APS-C cameras and won’t physically fit full frame bodies.
Canon's PIXMA range currently spans compact all-in-one models to dedicated photographic printers, and it also markets a smaller range of portable SELPHY dye-sublimation printers.

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