PIX 2015

Sony Alpha NEX-7

Announced Aug 24, 2011 •
24 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor

I have owned my NEX 7 for approximately eight months. In that timeframe I have used the camera almost exclusively as a video camera which was the reason I purchased it in the first place. During those eight months I have only been able to achieve the advertised 29 minutes and 50 seconds of non-stop filming without the camera overheating. I am not using the camera in undesirable conditions and for the most part I am indoors shooting at room temperature. When I started researching this problem ...

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The NEX-7 could have been a fine camera, but it has too many disadvantages. I tried it for some days and gave it back because of that. The 24MP are useless when the kit lens just sucks. Even stopped down it produces pics with soft borders. Even at F7.1 or F8(and then diffraction starts to soften the images also). 24MP is just a marketing joke, in fact no affordable and small lenses can use them. You need fast and expensive primes, at the moment mainly only via dapter. Hell, Sony should give ...

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